Like the Aangan [Patio, courtyard, compound], which experiences the day-to-day life, vagaries of nature, cries of sorrow, the lights & music of festivals and laughter of children, be a part of the life of a village in Goa through our home-stays. Goans are known to be traditionally peaceloving and a hospitable community. We take it to another level as the local community opens their doors and hearts to you.

It is an initiative of community of Verlem and ably supported by the Mineral Foundation of Goa. The model of community based and community owned eco-tourism enterprise, it is aimed at integrating natural beauty and the daily life of rural communities into the project and promote productive sustainable practices within its tourism offerings. The model invokes local initiative and participation, and strengthens local organizations while ensuring the benefits are distributed evenly through the Verlem Eco-tourism Co-operative Society.

Enjoy the rustic village atmosphere, marvel the natural bounty, explore the wilderness, experience the culture and traditions while you learn lessons in sustainability..

The project operates on a strict NO ALCOHOL policy and expects all the guests to abide by it

Come, be one with your roots. A place where a “Tourist” is a “Guest”,  where the “Hotel” is actually the “Home”, where the “Chef” is your “Host”, where you are part of one big family and where the village is still a village and will never change. We change the tourist, not the country.


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Don naicho  Vazor (waterfall)